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Your Child's Immune System

Boy with the flu in window Oh boy! This morning alone I’ve had calls and text from moms about RSV, pneumonia, nagging coughs, and runny goopy noses!! And they’ve all been to the Urgent Care over the weekend! It must just be “that time of year right?” — Well yes and no!!

Coincidentally, this time of year brings so much more major stresses than any other time of the year ( we have halloween candy, and pumpkin pie, and christmas cookies, and hot chocolate… plus we dont see any sunlight and we’ve had forced gross hot air blowing from our furnaces for about a month now)…. All of those things simply overwhelm your system and your body can’t handle the stressful overload….. Virus and bacteria see a “weakened” system and POUNCE!!

So what CAN we do!

1. Remember that RSV, pneumonia, most colds, and the flu are all caused by VIRUSES… that means that antibiotics wont help! In some severe cases obviously medical intervention is warranted…but usually you are sent home from the pediatrician with not much help! —- EXCEPT remember that the single most important “counter fight” we have against viruses is already built within us… its called an IMMUNE SYSTEM!!

And now more than ever is the time to make sure that your child’s (and your) immune systems are firing on all cylinders! How do you know if your immune system is working or not??? that’s where we come in!! We will check how your child’s body is working, or not working, and THEN we will help it get back to working at its maximum!

2. “At home” tricks we find also helps:

  • limit the sugar and limit the dairy
  • if there is some congestion in the lungs, a quick blast of cold fresh air does wonders… so when its really cold outside (like tonight for example) open the window in their room just an inch and let them breath in the cold air for about a minute. This helps open up the lungs, but it also helps “clean out” the bad air in their room
  • PROBIOTICS – bring the good stuff back into the system
  • Depending on the age of your child, a raw local honey and organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother) are some natural “antiviral” things moms have used with success

Case in point…..

The germs and bugs are out there, we can’t avoid it all, but what we CAN do is allow your child’s body to do what its designed to do…when a foreign invader enters the system, the immune system fires up and goes to work to eliminate it (P.S. part of the immune system doing its job is to produce things like a mild fever, a productive cough, or nasal drainage.. so remember that those actually can be a GOOD sign that your child’s body is working properly!)

Step #1 in that process is to figure out how well the immune system is actually working by bringing your children into the office ASAP for them to be looked at!

Experience your child’s best “cold and flu” #season

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